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Welcome to Random Masters

The  Site for Printable Mathematics Resources

The Random Masters® website provides instant access to mathematics resources for students of all ages. In only a few mouse clicks you can locate and print math worksheets, with full solutions, on virtually any topic.  Worksheets can be downloaded in two formats – either as interactive Microsoft Excel worksheets or as ready-to-go PDF worksheets.

To download worksheets, you'll need to:

  • RegisterIt's free.
  • Click on the Free Worksheets image, or this link.
  • Choose the worksheet you want, and click on the icons to download.

There are worksheet titles to sample from across all levels from lower primary to upper high school.  Try some of these out to see what we're about!

If you like what you see, then consider subscribing for full access to everything we have to offer.  There are currently 553 Excel worksheets (each of which can generate literally hundreds of different worksheets!) and 1,862 PDF worksheets on the Random Masters site!


How does Random Masters work? Watch our videos to find out.


About our Worksheets...

Worksheets available in two formats, Excel and PDF.

Excel Icon  Excel Worksheets
If you're an Excel user, just enable the Analysis Toolpak (see the videos above if you're not sure how to do this) and then download the Excel version of your chosen worksheet.  At the press of a button (F9), the Excel versions of the worksheets can be used to generate an unlimited variety of worksheets on a given topic.

PDF Icon  PDF Worksheets
For those of you don’t have, or aren’t comfortable with Excel, we’ve randomly generated and printed multiple copies of each worksheet in PDF format.  Simply download one of the PDF versions of your chosen worksheet, and print.


Using Random Masters (if you haven't seen the videos...)

Simply click on a level (lower primary, upper primary, lower high school, upper high school) to begin. To find worksheets...

  1. Mouse over the categories that appear on the left of screen.
  2. Use the flyout menus to find and click on the subcategory of your choice.
  3. Select a file from the list, and download either the Excel or PDF worksheet of your choice.

Important Note: Before downloading Excel worksheets, enable the Analysis Toolpak in Excel. For instructions in PDF format, click on the relevant link below.
Enabling the Analysis Toolpak in Excel 97-2003
Enabling the Analysis Toolpak in Excel 2007


And there's more...

We are currently in the process of creating a new site using categories to match the Australian National Curriculum, making it even easier for parents, teachers and schools to access the mathematics resources they need!