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What types of subscriptions are available?
There are individual and school subscriptions available.

  • Individual subscriptions are for parents, teachers or students.
  • School subscriptions cover an entire school or educational institution (for one site or campus). School subscription pricing also applies to commercial ventures - e.g. tutoring centres.

What levels can I subscribe to?
There is only one subscription level - access to everything! There are four individual levels within the site, but these are just to make finding what you're looking for easier

  • Lower Primary (Years 1 – 4)
  • Upper Primary (Years 4 – 7)
  • Lower Secondary (Years 7 – 10)
  • Upper High School (Years 10 – 12)

When I subscribe, what am I committing to?
There are no subscriptions as such. Simply make a donation for a year's annual access. Choose a donation amount which suits your specific circumstances and budget. See our pricing for donation options.

How can I pay for my donation?
Online, you can pay via PayPal. Schools can send in a purchase order. 

Does my subscription renew automatically?

Subscriptions do not renew automatically. If you wish to continue your subscription, simply make another donation for a further 12 months access.

How can I cancel my subscription?
There is no need.  Once 12 months access is up, access will be limited to free worksheets. Your username and password will remain active. Make another donation for further access.

Downloading Worksheets

How do I download a worksheet?
Choose a level, then use our fly-out menu system to find the subcategory of your choice. In the worksheet list, you'll see Excel and PDF icons. Click on the icon to download the worksheet.  Each PDF icon links to a different version of the worksheet.  If a notes page exists, it will be the last PDF worksheet on the list.

What if I don’t have Excel?
If you don’t have Excel, you won’t be able to use the Excel worksheets to randomly generate worksheets. However, you can still access the PDF versions. There are at least 3 PDF worksheets (printed to PDF from a randomly generated Excel file) for each worksheet, other than interactive ones.

Does it Matter which version of Excel I Use?
Most of the worksheets were designed in Excel 2003, and will function perfectly in that version of Excel.  All worksheets will open and function in Excel 2007, but there are compatibility issues with a small number of worksheets. If you experience an error message or issue when opening worksheets in Excel 2007, please let us know via our Contact Us page

What if I don’t have Adobe Reader?
If you don’t have Adobe Reader, click on the link to Get the Reader (it’s a free download).  Most browsers have Adobe Reader plug-ins which allow you to view PDF files within your browser.

When opened, Excel worksheets present with errors.  What's wrong?
There's actually nothing wrong. You just haven't enabled the Analysis Toolpak.  The majority of worksheets in the Random Masters collection use functions loaded with the Analysis Toolpak in Microsoft Excel.  If hash symbols (########) appear in worksheet cells, the analysis Toolpak may not be loaded properly.  Follow the videos link on the homepage to see how this is done.  Alternately, download and follow the PDF instructions on the home page. Enabling the Toolpak only ever needs to be done once.

What if I use a spreadsheet program other than Excel?
Some worksheets – predominantly text and number based worksheets – will open in other spreadsheet programs (Open Office, Star Office etc). However, formatting problems are likely. Where we’ve used conditional formatting and chart functions from Excel, problems are inevitable.  If the Excel sheets don’t open properly in different spreadsheet programs, use the PDF files instead.

What do I do if I find an error in a worksheet?
Every effort was made to ensure that worksheets were produced error free.  However, some errors may have slipped through.  These can be reported via the Contact Us section of the website.  We'll correct the error and upload the corrected version as soon as possible.

What if I can't find the worksheet I need?
If we haven't covered a particular skill in the Random Masters collection, a custom made worksheet can be requested via our website.  We will endeavour to create a worksheet to suit your needs and add it to the website.  New worksheets are always under development.

Security and Privacy

How safe is my personal information?
We share your details with no-one. We do not promote to third parties and will never share our mailing list with anyone.  All subscriber information is protected by SSL. Credit card details are not stored anywhere on our servers and are transmitted via secure connections. In short, your personal information is very, very secure.

Information for Schools

Can the Random Masters website be accessed via a school network?
The school subscription to the Random Masters website allows for access from any computer in that school.  There is no restriction to the number of on-site computers that can be used access the website.

If the school is licenced to access the Random Masters website, can individual teachers access the website from their home computers?
The school site licence allows only for access by teachers and students while on site. However, a sub-accounts option is also available for school subscriptions. This option gives schools the right to use the website:

  • for staff to access materials from home
  • for students to access materials while in class (to use interactive worksheets or create their own worksheets)

Can students access the program?
If a school has purchased the sub-accounts option, students can be given access in the classroom to use interactive worksheets, and even to create their own worksheets.  This access does not currently extend to home use by the students, but we are planning to make this available in the future.  Please call us if you wish to discuss student from home access.