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Information for Parents

Success in mathematics opens doors. What will your son or daughter want to be?

Few children know what they want to be when they grow up. What will your child want to be? 
hether your child becomes a tradesman, accountant, engineer, architect, pilot, hairdresser, or small business owner - the list is endless - ability in mathematics will help them on their way.

That's where we fit in.  Random Masters can provide the extra practice needed for your son or daughter to succeed in mathematics. 

For Parents, Random Masters can:

  • provide up to 12 years of assistance with mathematics for your child - from basic number facts right through to advanced level algebra in year 12.
  • provide the extra practice your child needs to master basic skills, and improve their confidence in solving mathematical problems.
  • allow your child to work at their own ability, and progress at their own rate.
  • help your child to remain up to speed with class work when absent due to illness or family holiday.

Random Masters is a superb supplementary resource for parents who believe that "practice makes perfect". Ask your child's teacher what your son or daughter is currently having trouble with, and provide them with the extra practice they need. Or, ask the teacher what your child will be learning next, and give them a heads up. 

Not a mathematician? Don't worry. Fully worked solutions are provided.

Our site is roughly divided into "levels", each covering 3 to 4 years of schooling, for ease of finding the resources you need.  However, all resources are accessible to all users, so it doesn't matter if you have children in different year levels. Not sure where to look?  Just enter any year level and use the search bar to find the resources you need.

Interested? Register to download up to 25 worksheets, for free!  If you'd like continued access after that, pop on over to your control panel and make a donation for 12 months unlimited access.

Please note:  When registering, you will be sent a confirmation email.  They don't always arrive instantly, and may end up in your spam folder.  Once you receive the email, click on the link and you're under way.