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Information for Teachers

Leave the resource development to us, so that you can get back to what you do best - teaching!

Teachers are busy, busy people, and the job isn't getting any easier.  So, why not let us take the load off your shoulders? That way you can concentrate on the most important part of the job - your students!

With hundreds of worksheets, interactive activities and demonstrations already available, your preparation time will drop off immediately, leaving you to focus on what's important.

But why not plan ahead? Are you teaching something we don't (yet) have a worksheet for? Random Masters subscribers can send in worksheet requests. Imagine that - you ask, we create the worksheet you need, and notify you when it's online!

Interested? Register to download up to 25 worksheets, for free!  If you'd like continued access after that, pop on over to your control panel and make a donation for 12 months unlimited access.

Random Masters® will

  • save you hours in preparation time.
  • give you instant access to quality mathematics worksheets for you to use in your classes.
  • make it easier for you to cater for individual students at their level.
  • provide unlimited practice for students, and help improve student results.
  • allow you to leave quality work for your classes if absent due to illness.


Using the Excel Excel Icon  worksheets, you can:

  • customise worksheet instructions/explanations
  • generate any number of different worksheets of the same type (provide different worksheets for every student if you like - with answers for each!)
  • provide interactive, timed, online practice for basic skills (e.g. addition and multiplication number facts)

Using the PDF PDF Icon  worksheets, you can

  • print worksheets when you don't have access to Excel
  • reproduce the same worksheet (if you originally printed from PDF) for students who have "lost" or "forgotten" theirs.


Sound good? Register today.  Registration is simple and free.